Panoramic Views on Both Banks of the Sumida River Second Volume (Total of Three Volumes): Okawabashi no Tsuki (Moon from Ohkawabashi Bridge) Koume no Hakusen(Boat)

The Panoramic Views on Both Banks of the Sumida River is a series of comical tanka prints consisting of 25 prints in three volumes portraying a portion of both banks of the Sumida River from Takanawa to Yoshiwara over the course of one year. This print comes from the third volume and depicts the area around the Okawabashi Bridge (currently the Azumabashi Bridge), and the current Sumida Ward Hall would be located directly above the Okawabashi Bridge as it is shown in the print. The small bridge to the left of the Okawabashi Bridge is a block bridge that spans the Kitajikken River. It portrays a lively scene in which the forefront shows people relaxing in a rest area, children and people playing by twirling a pan on a pole, and people gathering at a tea shop. A lot of people can also be seen on the bridge and at the foot of the bridge, which provides us with a glimpse of the bustle prevalent at that time.

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