Setsugetsuka(Snow, moon and flowers) Sumida

This print depicts the snow-covered banks of the Sumida River, and it is one of the three famous scenes selected alongside Tsuki-no-Yodogawa and Hana-no-Yoshino. The Mokuboji Temple and the restaurant Uehan can be seen in the forest in the center of the print, and thick snow covers the Sumidagawa Shrine, which was known as the Water Shrine, in the forefront. This print is said to be the most famous of all snow scenes from that period. The faint azure color at the top and bottom of the print leave the impression that the scene is depicting early morning just as the dawn is breaking, and it portrays a silent and faintly nostalgic scene. It also includes fishermen casting their net and two people walking through the snow in the silence of the winter morning, and a bird that appears to be a black-hooded gull adds an accent to the bottom left-hand corner of the print. It was created around 1830.

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