Shinban Ukie Chushingura: Dai Juichi-Danme (Newly Published Perspective Pictures of Chushingura: Act 11)

A print from the series depicting the Genroku Ako Incident.
This uki-e print depicts the climax of Kanadehon Chushingura, which was performed frequently in puppet shows and Kabuki at that time, showing the forty-seven Ronin raiding the Kira Residence, and the lines of the building’s eaves and the building itself express a deep perspective.
The person putting up a solitary fight against the forty-seven Ronin is Heihachiro Hayashi, one of the Kira master swordsmen. Hokusai is apparently announcing the fact that Heihachiro Hayashi, who died protecting Kozukenosuke Kira that night, was his own great-grandfather.

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