Susanoo no Mikoto Yakujin Taiji no Zu (Killing the God of plague)

This is said to be Katsushika Hokusai’s masterpiece created near the end of his life. It is a large picture drawn on a board 1.2m in height and 2.8m in width, and it is said that Hokusai created it around 1845 while he was living near the Ushijima Shrine (currently Mukojima 1-Chome), and it was dedicated to Susanoo no Mikoto Yakujin Taiji no Zu. This work depicts a scene in which Susanoo no Mikoto is writing a letter to the god of pestilence imploring him not to spread disease in the future. The seal of Zen Hokusai Manji-Hitsu(signature), 87 Years Old is located in the bottom right-hand corner. Unfortunately this picture was destroyed during the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, and a restored version of the panel in the same dimensions is currently displayed in the main building of the Ushijima Shrine.

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