Uma-Zukushi: Komadome-ishi (Horse Series: Hitching Stone)

One of the Horse Series that were printed to hang during the New Year period in the Bunsei Era.
A stone for hitching horses is located at the front, and the snow-covered Mt. Fuji appears in the background.
The Sumida River overflowed owing to a violent rainstorm in early summer 1631, and the third Shogun, Iemitsu, ordered a survey to be carried out to assess damage inflicted on the Honjo district when the entire area was flooded, and it is said that only Abe Tadaaki, a direct retainer of the Shogun, displayed his loyalty to the Shogun by skillfully crossing the turbid waters alone on horseback to carry out this order. The hitching stone shown in this print is said to be the stone to which he tied his horse during this. This bank of the Sumida River was located in front of the Shiinoki Mansion at that time, and the former Yasuda Gardens can be seen from this point today.

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