Panoramic Views on Both Banks of the Sumida River: Shubinomatsu no Tsuribune Shiinoki no Yuuzemi (Fishing Boat by the Shubinomatsu Pine Tree, Evening Cicada in the Shiinoki Forest)

One of the prints from the second of the three-volume comic tanka picture books, Panoramic Views on Both Banks of the Sumida River, depicting a full year along the Sumida River. This print has been drawn from the opposite bank of the Sumida River.

The Shubinomatsu pine tree is located over the far side of the fishing boat on the left-hand side. This tree was located in the center of a long line of trees that flourished in Kuramae and made a perfect landmark for a famous fishing spot located nearby. The forest shown beyond the fishing lines to the right is the Tokyo residence of the Matsuura daimyo family of the Hirada Shinden fuedal clan from Hizen Province. This mansion became known as the Shiinoki Mansion owing to the “Leafless Chinquapin Tree” that appeared in the Seven Wonders of Honjo being located here.

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