Panoramic Views on Both Banks of the Sumida River: Ryogoku Noryo Ichinohashi Benten (The Cool of the Ryogoku Evening at Ichi-no-Bashi Benten)

One of the prints from the second of the three-volume comic tanka picture books, Panoramic Views on Both Banks of the Sumida River.
This print is a depiction of a crowd of people enjoying the evening coolness on Ryogoku Bridge before it gets dark. At the forefront is the Ryogoku Main Street, a prominent amusement area during the Edo Era, and makeshift theaters and tea houses, etc., can be seen side by side.
The main feature of this print is probably its size, which is wider than it is high as is typical with picture books.
The small bridge that can be seen higher up in the center is the Ichinohashi Bridge, which spans the present-day Tategawa River (Ryogoku 1-chome and Chitose 1-chome). The area around the forest is Ichinohashi Benten, which is currently the Ejima Sugiyama Shrine. The triangular building on the right is the Shogun’s boathouse.

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